Video: DoubleBack VW campervan

Taking the campervan to new lengths, literally

We don’t usually do stories about motor vehicles, but we reckon the new DoubleBack VW campervan is worth a look, given how popular the traditional campervan is with weekend riders.


As you can see from the video below, the DoubleBack looks like a VW Transporter T5, but at the push of a button its rear end expands to nearly double the size (insert inappropriate joke here). We can think of a few uses for this, like keeping your bikes secure while you get some rest in the middle of a 24 hour enduro. Or just extra space to sleep and cook in so you don’t have to pitch a tent.

Unfortunately, size isn’t the only thing that doubles: the DoubleBack VW retails for £55,000, which is nearly double the cost of a normal Transporter T5. The same applies to availability – expect to wait until the second half of the year to get one if you order it now from the Welsh-based company.

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Video: DoubleBack VW with company director Craig McCormack explaining its uses


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