Video: Hans Rey takes on India’s Roopkund trek

With Richie Schley and Joscha Forstreuter high in the Himalayas

Hans Rey made a career of exploring new terrain on a mountain bike. His latest adventure brings him to India for a ‘first descent’ deep in the Himalayas.


Rey takes on the adventure with Richie Schley, and Joscha Forstreuter using the route of one of India’s infamous treks — the Roopkund. Their goal: to reach the mysterious Roopkund Lake, and shred a first descent of the trekking route.

Roopkund is a glacial lake in the Uttarakhand region of India that serves as the final resting place for hundreds of ancient human skeletons. The descent from the lake drops 3,500m over a strenuous hiking path that’s never before seen mountain bike tires.

A 26-minute television highlight show about the expedition will be aired worldwide in spring and summer 2012.

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Video credit: Martin Hanisch,