Video: How to beat the bike thieves

MBUK's Doddy talks you through the dos and don'ts

How safe is your bike?

Discovering your bike has been stolen is one of the biggest kicks in the guts imaginable, an experience you hope you’ll never have to go through again.


To make it as hard as possible for thieves to swipe your pride and joy, it’s vital you spend time and money finding the right lock. If you’ve splashed out a couple of thousand pounds on your bike, there’s little sense in skimping on a bargain basement cable lock which an experienced thief can cut through in no time. 


At least as important, though, is the location and method of chaining your bike up. In the video below, Mountain Biking UK features editor Doddy talks you through the dos and don’ts when it comes to thief-proofing your bike. You can find out more in the latest issue of MBUK (#274), due in shops tomorrow. 

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