Video: Inside the Rocky Mountain Bicycles factory

From design to prototyping and testing

A Rocky Mountain frame undergoes fatigue testing

Canadian mountain bike company Rocky Mountain Bicycles have been developing and making frames in their Vancouver factory for nearly 30 years. Although they’ve moved much of the manufacturing offshore, the designing, prototyping and testing still happens at the main HQ.


We recently took you on a photo illustrated tour of their factory, but now we’ve gone one better with this five-minute video clip shot by Jason Sumner. In it, Rocky Mountain marketing director Peter Vallance takes us into the heart of the company, introducing us to master welder Al Kowalchuk, showing us a prototype Vertex RSL frame undergoing stiffness and fatigue testing, and digging up some antique frames that are a real slice of Rocky Mountain’s history. In the background you can hear the sounds of the factory in operation – yes, they actually make things here.

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Video by Jason Sumner