Video: Jamis 650B all-mountain prototype

Exclusive from Sea Otter: what's old is new again

The Jamis 650B all-mountain prototype.

The Jamis 650B all-mountain prototype has been in development for nearly two years, and as product manager Craig Hoyt told BikeRadar at the recent Sea Otter Classic, there’s plenty to like.


The New Jersey company has built and test-ridden several different samples, settling on its mp3 linkage suspension, same as what’s being used in the current Jamis full-suspension line. According to Hoyt, there’ll be five inches of travel front and rear, a low center of gravity, with a low standover height for a range of folks. Jamis expects to have the bike available in 2010, with a complete platform of spec and pricing.

Jamis 650b all-mountain prototype

“There’s more choice with 650B products now, thanks to American Classic, WTB, Kenda, and White Brothers,” Hoyt told BikeRadar.

In the early days of mountain bike development, around 1981, pioneers were settling on an ideal wheel diameter. The 650B/27.5-inch French size was their choice, but a tyre embargo from Russia put the kibosh on their plans, and the 559mm/26-inch standard became the norm. Twenty-nine-inch wheels came into vogue about 10 years ago, but according to Hoyt, himself a ‘vertically challenged’ rider, 29ers aren’t for everyone.


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