Video: Jay Hoots rides Llandegla’s new black section

Parallel Universe now open in North Wales

There's trails for every rider at Llandegla.

A new black trail has opened at CoedLlandeglaForest, North Wales. Called Parallel Universe, it features jumps, drop-offs and rocky sections, and promises high-speed fun.


Ride Guide TV, a series that reports from the best mountain biking areas across the globe, recently visited the area and sampled the new section.

Presenters, and pro mountain bikers, Jay Hoots and Darcy Turenne were on a 10-day trip to ride Wales’s finest off-road trails, and you can watch Hoots’s helmet-cam run on the new trail here (thanks to Ride Guide for the footage):

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Ian Owen from Oneplanet Adventure, who run the shop and café at Llandegla, said: “The new section is called Parallel Universe as it runs alongside the existing black known as Big Jim’s. The trail leaves Big Jim’s on the first left-hand switchback and then descends for 2.1km before they rejoin at the bottom.

“The section starts with a rock ‘qualifier’ [a section designed to ensure riders don’t take on more than they can handle]. This is in place because three-quarters of the way down the trail you come across a rock pavement – something completely new for Llandegla.


“If you don’t like the look of the qualifier you can turn around and continue down Big Jim’s. Over the past few months we’ve had both the Wrecking Crew guys from Mountain Biking UK and Darcy and Jay Hoots from Ride Guide. Verdict? They all absolutely loved it! We hope you do too.”