Video: Kelly McGarry’s 72ft back-flip at Red Bull Rampage

Kyle Strait becomes event's first double winner

Kyle Strait became the first person to win the Red Bull Rampage for a second time in Utah this weekend – a title he first won back in 2004.


While Strait repeated his 2004 win, New Zealander Kelly McGarry won the new-for-2013 people’s choice award. His epic back-flip off the 72ft Canyon Gap also helped him snag second place.

Watch the video here:

McGarry’s 72ft back-flip

The 31-year-old Kiwi said: “It’s such a sick jump. I’ve done one a little bit shorter. It’s definitely the biggest one I have ever done. It came round and I snuck it in and I got around and it felt so awesome.”

McGarry’s second run was cancelled as high winds whipped across the arid course, so judging for all 25 competitors was restricted to their first-run efforts.  

The top five were as follows:

  1. Kyle Strait
  2. Kelly McGarry
  3. Cam Zink
  4. Andreu Lacondeguy
  5. Tyler McCaul