Video: Kenny Belaey’s new Extreme Sports show

Trials riding goes mainstream

We’re just back from the London launch of Kenny Belaey’s Big Time – a new trials biking show which premieres on the Extreme Sports Channel on 6 December.


Four-time World Cup overall winner, multiple world champion and genius on two wheels Kenny Belaey was joined at the launch by his brother Wesley and some of the UK’s trials and street riding stars, including Andrei Burton, Jack Meek, Sam Pilgrim, Martyn Ashton and Danny MacAskill.

Here’s Kenny chatting about the new show, with plenty of riding too:

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Kenny Belaey’s Big Time follows Kenny on a five-week trek as he visits Spain, England, the USA and Hawaii to uncover the roots of the sport, meet its founders and see who’s pushing the scene forward.

Celebrity highlights include Danny MacAskill, Dave Mirra, Hans ‘No Way’ Rey and many more. The first episode airs on the Extreme Sports Channel, which is celebrating it’s tenth anniversary, at 10pm on Sunday 6 December 2009.

Kenny and danny macaskill…moody:
Dominic Marley

Kenny (left) and Danny MaCaskill

Stay tuned for more riding videos, a super trick from Jack Meek, Danny MacAskill and much more.

(From left to right) sam pilgrim, rowan johns, jack meek, kenny belaey, martyn ashton, andrei burton, wesley belaey :
Dominic Marley

(From left to right) Sam Pilgrim, Rowan Johns, Jack Meek, Kenny Belaey, Martyn Ashton, Andrei Burton, Wesley Belaey