Video: Learn to 360 with Danny MacAskill

YouTube star launches new how-to series

The first question everyone asks when they watch Danny MacAskill’s Inspired Bicycles or Way Back Home videos is, “how did he do that?”. Well, now you can find out, as the Scottish street trials star has made a series of four how-to videos for clothing sponsors DigDeep.


In the first episode, ‘Megaskill’ explains how to pull a 360 using shots from his Streets of London clip. “It’s great to get the opportunity to share some of what I do with lots of people,” he says. “I love riding my bike and love talking about it, so this was tons of fun.

“Plus, the tricks aren’t your usual bunny hops and wheelies – the clips explain some more advanced tricks that I love doing. I hope you enjoy and don’t break anything trying!” You can watch the video below:

Danny macaskill 360

To coincide with the release of the first how-to video, DigDeep have released a limited edition line of Danny MacAskill T-shirts and hoodies. Visit for more details.

MacAskill stars in Red Bull documentary

In other Danny MacAskill news, his sponsors Red Bull will be hosting a special evening of interviews and exclusive video screenings at Hawke and Hunter restaurant in Edinburgh on Sunday (20 February). The ‘MacAskill Conquers’ show will include a feature-length documentary about Way Back Home, along with the two clips that made him famous.

The event has already sold out, but it’ll be broadcast on Red Bull Web TV at 7pm GMT (8pm CET) on the same day, and repeated at 9pm EST for American fans. Ten months in the making, the documentary features behind-the-scenes interviews with director Dave Sowerby and some of MacAskill’s closest friends and family from the Isle of Skye.


Danny says: “It’s going to be amazing to see everything I’ve ever done put together into one show – I really hope people like it. So much hard work has gone into making this as special as possible for the fans, it should a great night.”

Danny macaskill explains the technique behind his amazing moves in a new how-to series:
Red Bull