Video: Lock8 smartphone-controlled bike lock seeks investment

Keyless tamper-proof lock deters thieves and could lead to bike sharing network

The Lock8: a sophisticated take on the humble bike lock

We like a good crowd-funding project and are particularly taken by the sophisticated Lock8 prototype – a tamper-proof smart lock that warns a user if a thief is trying to swipe their bike.


The keyless lock is controlled entirely by a user’s smartphone and is fitted with an arsenal of anti-theft measures, including a motion sensor, an accelerometer and even a temperature sensor to combat various thieving strategies.

Watch a  video summary of Lock8’s key features here:

Summary of the lock8 functionality

Video: LOCK8 sneak preview

It means that if a thief starts fiddling with the lock, it emits a “painfully-loud” alarm and sends a warning to the owner’s phone telling them something’s up.

Sounds nifty, but the sophistication doesn’t stop there. The lock body – anchored to the frame – contains a GPS chip meaning users can track their bike in real-time via their phone.

That has obvious theft deterrent possibilities but Lock8’s developers, serial bike theft victims Franz Salzmann and Daniel Zajarias, hope it will also allow a network of users who share or rent their bikes to one another to develop.

Other cool features of the lock include induction charging off the back wheel and a key fob in case the user’s mobile runs out of juice.


The duo launched the KickStarter funding project today and have already secured more than £7,500 toward their £50,000 target.