Video: Mountain biker vs Royal Marines

Rob Jarman has a battle on his hands in the VooDoo Challenge

The pro riders taking part in Mountain Biking UK’s VooDoo Challenge have faced some tough adversaries this year, including a fell runner, an urban commuter and the inhospitable terrain of the Moroccan desert


But Rob Jarman faced his hardest challenge yet when he came up against a squad of elite Royal Marine Commandos. This time it wasn’t just a race – Rob also had to take on the Green Berets’ notorious endurance course at Woodbury Common in Devon. Check out the video below to see how he got on:

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About the VooDoo Challenge

Over the next six months, there’ll be a different challenge for VooDoo Cycles riders to take up every month. Some of them will have a bit of culture and exploring, others a definite man vs the elements feel, and others will just be downright bonkers. You’ll be able to follow the antics in MBUK and here on BikeRadar.

You can read the full story about Rob’s battle with the Royal Marines in issue 263 (May) of MBUK. It’s no longer in the shops but you can click here to buy a back issue.

Yes, there is a bike under there somewhere: yes, there is a bike under there somewhere
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Yes, there really is a bike under there somewhere