Video: New British mountain bike film ‘FIND’

Trail riding flick with top riders including Danny MacAskill

Has Danny MacAskill’s new video whetted your appetite and left you wanting more awesome riding footage? Well, Mark Huskisson – who helped Dave Sowerby film the Scottish street trials prodigy’s Way Back Home clip – has just released his latest full-length mountain bike film, FIND.


The follow-up to HOME, it features some incredible riders in stunning locations across the world, all shot in gloriously detailed HD. While the emphasis is on trail riding rather than tricks and stunts, there are still plenty of jaw-dropping moments.

Featured riders include Danny MacAskill – including a section where he rides through the Scottish Highlands with Steve Peat and Hans Rey – Rowan Sorrel, Paul Aston, Clive Forth, Matt Simmonds, Joe Smith and Megavalanche winner Jerome Clementz. The film also follows world championship winning 24-hour solo rider Rob Lee as he tackles his ultra endurance 7sd (Seven Deadly Spins) ride through the Scottish borders.

Director Mark says: “If we had to describe the type of riding covered in the film it would have to be the best trail riding you could possibly imagine. We’ve tried to capture this common ground that all riders love no matter what their discipline or background. We wanted to makea film that inspires riders to just grab a bike and head out on the trails.”


The DVD is available to buy online at You can check out a teaser below: