Video: Oli Beckingsale’s tubeless tyre tips

Get a perfect seal first time

Cross-country racer Oli Beckingsale has picked up some great tips for seating tubeless tyres during his career

While the majority of mountain bike racers have switched to tubeless tyres, many trail riders seem reluctant to make the change, despite the many advantages – less weight, better puncture-proofing and the ability to run lower pressures, resulting in better traction.


There’s some expense involved – ranging from investment in new wheels and tyres to, if you go the ‘ghetto tubeless’ route, just some sealant and a couple of BMX tubes – but one of the main things that seems to put people off is the often fiddly setup process.


In our workshop section you can find out how to convert standard mountain bike wheels to tubeless, but if you’re still having problems with any kind of tubeless setup, help is at hand. In this video from tyre makers Continental, British cross-country star Oli Beckingsale (Endura) passes on some of his top tips gained during years of racing:

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