Video: Pro riders hit the dirt jumps at BikeRadar Live

Ready to bust out the big stuff in Donington Park

You know that a set of jumps are gnarly when the professional riders scoping them out are saying they’re hard! The MBUK Dirt Jump Invitational which takes place tomorrow and Sunday at BikeRadar Live is going to be electric. No question.


One rider who crashed out on the final jump said: “I could count the amount of time i was in the air, one, two, three.”

Watch a short clip of the action now:


Corsair rider Chris Smith told us that he can’t wait for the comp to start, and because of the size of the jumps and the speed capable there’s potential for some very special moves from the riders in their pursuit to bag the £5,000 winner-takes-all prize.

Confirmed riders for the comp which starts Saturday 30th May are Dan Coggan, Phil Auckland, Sam Pilgrim, Lance McDermott, Chris Smith, Pat Campbell-Jenner, Rory Backshell, Jack Gear, Daryl Brown, Chris Mahoney, Jamie Goldman, Matt Cooper, Rory Hackett, Ryan Nangle, Tim Peckam, Jamie Johnson, Danny Pace, Adam Williams, Martin Söderström, Mike Smith, Grant fielder, Ollie Fielder, Jim Davage, Sam Reynolds, Matt Scott, Josh Slater, Blake Samson, Ray Samson.

This is the place to be – remember to pack your sun cream. It’s going to be a scorcher.


For more information go to the BikeRadar Live website.