Video round-up: Damage Inc highlights reel

Plus downhill action from Peru and aerial footage from Shifted Cinema

It’s Wednesday, which means our friends over at have picked three must-watch mountain bike videos for us this week. So sit back and enjoy a new perspective with some aerial footage, donkey dodging in Peru and four minutes of mad mountain bike action…

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1 Four minutes of mountain bike madness

Damage Inc have pulled out the stops to deliver this awesome end-of-year highlights reel. If this doesn’t get your heart racing, nothing will – with incredible shots, amazing scenery and impressive riding, it’s a must watch! 

Damage inc – 2012

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2 Dust, drops and donkey dodging in Peru

Peru – not the first place that springs to mind as a DH destination, but with some dicey drops off to one side, plenty of steep switchbacks to negotiate and some high-speed rock sections, this trail looks super fun.

DH trip to santa ana peru

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3 Above the action with Shifted Cinema

Heli cams, hucks and slo-mo footage – take to the sky and get a bird’s eye view of the downhill action on the Leavenworth trails in the Pacific Northwest.

Downhill mountain bike action cam
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