Video round-up: How to open a beer bottle with your bike

Plus a 500m cable cam and hardcore Shan 917 hardtail

Helmet – check; aviators – check. Ready to ride!

Our friends over at have picked three more must-watch mountain bike videos for us this week. 


We have Hans Rey showing us how to open a beer bottle with a bike wheel, some great footage from a 500m cable camera and hardcore hardtail action.

1. How to open a beer bottle with a wheel

Here’s one from the archives – trials legend Hans Rey shows how to open a beer bottle with nothing but a spinning wheel, nearly winning himself a trip to A&E in the process.

Hans rey opens a beer bottle with a bike

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2. 500m cable cam

Follow Nico Zink as he styles his way down coastal singletrack. This trance-like edit was filmed on a 500m long cable camera, and the results are pretty incredible. 

500m cable cam with nico zink

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3. Hardcore hardtail action

The bike being ragged through the woods in this vid is the Shan 917 from new Andorran company Production Privee. DG, the rider, makes things look smooth but we bet his Aviators were rattling around a bit!

Hardcore hardtail action from the shan 917

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