Video round-up: Riding in the snow

Plus the ultimate winter blues beater and Joey Vejvoda

Vincent Tupin testing his new Gambler the only way he knows how!

It’s Wednesday, which means our friends over at have picked three must-watch mountain bike videos for us this week. So sit back and enjoy the snow before returning to the dirt with Joey Vejvoda.


1 Snow messing about here!

Forget taking it slow and steady in the snow – foot out, flat out shred sessions are the way forward! 

Fresh x coupeurs de tetes

More snow biking over at ChopMTB

2 Banish the winter blues

With backflips, tricks and slick riding, this video from ShapeRideShoot is designed to get you stoked to ride and make sure you don’t neglect your bike this winter!

Winter depression?

Check out the photo gallery from the shoot on ChopMTB 

3 Joey Vejvoda – more stylish than you, even when he’s not trying!

Taking a lighthearted approach to some pre-race prep, Joey saunters down the track with more style than most of us could muster on full throttle…

Joey vejvoda

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