Video round-up: Valparaiso urban downhill race

Plus riding in the Riviera and funny edits

Incredible vistas, blue skies and endless singletrack – we think we’ve found heaven!

It’s Wednesday, which means our friends over at have picked three must-watch mountain bike videos for us this week. From the craziest urban downhill race to turquoise seas and sublime trails in the Riviera, topped off with one of the funniest edits out there!


1 Valparaiso urban downhill race 

Massive jumps, scary-tight steps and a crowd hungry for crashes? The jumps are massive and a race-ending bar/wall collision is just a hair’s breadth away. No wonder Cedric Gracia needs a breather halfway down the hill! Check out this practice run, where he’s being followed by Yeti’s Chris Van Dine.

Valparaiso urban downhill race

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2 Riviera riding

Sun, turquoise sea and sublime trails… We want to live here! Wouldn’t you love to live in a place where you can ride 4X, all-mountain and epic DH trails all in the same day, and cool off with some cliff jumping? 

Riviera riding

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3 One of the funniest edits out there 

Get ready for semi-naked Lycra stunts, belly sliding and treetop dancing… Funny? Disturbing? We’ll settle on disturbingly funny. Dan Jones and Jack Reeve take to the trails of mid-Wales for some comedy biking action in their aptly named video Belly Slidin’ and Sweet Ridin‘.

AberMTB: belly slidin’ and sweet ridin’

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