Video: Saracen Myst preview

Quick look at British brand's new downhill bike

Saracen's Myst looks like a lot of bike for the money

Saracen’s Myst is one of the most talked about bikes of the year, in the UK at least, with a new team testing its mettle on the race circuit and what is, for a downhill bike, a bargain pricetag. Okay, so at £2,299.99 it’s hardly cheap, but other machines of this calibre cost more than that for the frame alone.


Mountain Biking UK’s Wrecking Crew have been putting the Myst through its paces to see whether it really lives up to its promise of a World Cup ready bike at a budget price. You can read their first ride review in the current issue of the mag, #264 (June). In this teaser video, tester Jake Ireland talks us through some of the bike’s key features.

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