Video: Sh*t Cyclists Say

People for Bikes cash in on the Sh*t they say meme

Sh*t cyclists say

We can thank Justin Halpern and his Shit My Dad Says for the ‘Shit They Say’ phenomena, which gained momentum with the late 2011 YouTube video series Shit Girls Say and has since snowballed into our world of two-wheels and adventure sports.


We can thank for Shit Mountain Bikers Say. Whistler Blackcomb brought us Shit Skiers Say, and Specialized-Lululemon team co-sponsor, Lululemon, brought us Shit Yogis Say, and we even had our own Twitter thread on #shitroadiessay. Which bring us to the Bikes Belong People for Bikes initiative and their sponsorship of Shit Cyclists Say. This was conceptualized, filmed and produced by Hardcastle Photography, a one man photo and video outlet owned by elite cyclo-crosser, Allen Krughoff.

Krughoff pitched Bikes Belong, who own the People for Bikes campaign, to sponsor his Shit Cyclists Say concept while working a commercial still shoot for the non-profit. Within 48 hours they agreed upon a contract. Shooting started on Friday, with Krughoff behind the camera and his Boulder, CO cyclo-cross teammates and training partners, doing everything from staring in the video to driving the ‘camera’ car. Local reality show star and People for Bikes supporter, Ryan Van Duzer (as seen on Discovery Channel’s Out of The Wild: Venezuela) played the cyclist.

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Shit Cyclists Say

Shit Cyclists Say dropped on YouTube on Sunday morning 22 January, and at time of publication racked up over 350,000 views, all in the name of Bikes Belong People for Bikes pledge campaign.


Little left for cyclists to do but laugh at Krughoff’s work and sign the People for Bikes pledge. And we’re interested to know, just how many of these have you said during your cycling career? (More than a few in our case!)