Video: St Jude-style winds batter Dutch junior team training session

Was your ride through the St Jude storm as bad as this?

Sinnige Bouw: good in echelons

If you were in southern England and rode your bike through the hurricane speed winds of St Jude, well done – give yourself a pat on the back.


And then give yourself two minutes to watch this classic video of the Sinnige Bouw cycling team training in ridiculously strong winds in Holland in 2011. Skip to 55 seconds in to watch a rider fight to get back on his bike. It does explain why the Dutch and their southerly neighbours in Belgium are so good at riding in echelons.

Sinnige bouw obviously go training no matter what

Video: Dutch team trains in the wind


The current depression – named after the patron saint of lost causes – has been dubbed by some as the ‘storm of the century’, and 90mph winds have caused widespread travel disruption.