Video: ‘The Vicious Cycle’ – riding through London

A commuters’ nightmare?

Video: A Vicious Cycle – riding through London

Commuting by bike can be one of the most uplifting, energising activities before a hard day’s work. It can also be a constant battle with motorists, pedestrians and the elements – whether you’re being shouted at, cut up by a white van or soaked to the bone.


London commuter and film director Richard Nockles shot a two-minute video, The Vicious Cycle – A London Experience, to show the struggle between cyclists and motorists in the British capital.

It shows a rider, played by Jonathan Broke, being verbally abused and almost run down as he makes his way to work.

Nockles said: “I have plenty of experience battling across the streets of London. I cycled (on the bike in the film) every day from Brixton to Clerkenwell, rain or shine, and developed the ‘sixth sense’ for danger on the roads.”

Watch it now:

Vicious cycle

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