Video: the women of Specialized-lululemon

Building a dream team to reach the right audience

Close to two-thirds of Specialized-lululemon will race in the Olympics this summer. By any measure, that’s a clear estimation of a ‘dream team’ and it’s exactly the caliber team Specialized-lululemon have assembled.


In this video, Specialized take us behind the scenes of the new team made up of former and current national champions, world champions, world record holders, and Olympic medalists.

The women range in age from 21 to 39 and have the potential to dominate the season, both on the road, and in the velodrome.

But the goal of many of the women on this team, especially the veterans, is to help inspire more women to break into this male dominated sport. This first video from the team tells just a few of the stories of how these women entered, and have stayed in the sport of bike racing.

“You can support people and bring people into the sport if you’ve got a community there in place to help them along, and find the path, and find the way,” says Rachael Lambert, Specialized’s women’s product manager.

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“The job is to bring more women into it — to make women feel like this is a sport they can do,” says Kristy Scrymgeour, Specialized-lululemon team manager in the piece.  “And then they realize that they’re really great on a bike and someone will encourage them to start racing a bike.”

Out of the 13-member team, 8-12 are expected to compete in the 2012 olympic games:

Out of the 13 member team, 8-12 are expected to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games