Video: Trials legend Kenny Belaey in new Adidas TV ad

Blink and you'll miss him!

It’s not often that you get to see any mountain biking on mainstream television so it’s great that Adidas have picked Belgian trials maestro Kenny Belaey for their latest ‘disruptive’ advert – those 10-second promos that have been flashing across our screens for the past couple of weeks (in the UK at least).


Okay, so the reigning UCI world champion only gets a couple of seconds of screen time, and he’s sandwiched in with a load of other athletes, but it’s better than nothing!

You can view the full advert below. But if you blink you might miss Kenny, so his section, where he sessions the Los Angeles river culvert – a location made famous by films including Terminator 2 and Grease – can be viewed in full (all six seconds of it!) at the bottom of this page.

According to Adidas, these ads mark the start of a countdown to “something truly unique” and apparently all will be revealed in “a matter of days”. We just hope whatever it is gives exposure to lots more cyclists – it’s not often that we get to share screen time with basketball players, footballers and boxers.

Adidas advert featuring Kenny Belaey

Adidas ad

Kenny Belaey’s section

Kenny belaey