Video: Victoria Pendleton’s top 5 bike maintenance tips

How to make sure an old bike is safe to use

Victoria Pendleton and Peter ‘Spike’ Taylor have some good advice for aspiring cyclists

If you’re looking to bring an old bike out of a long hibernation in your shed or garage, or you’ve just bought one second-hand, you’re going to need to give it the once over to make sure everything is running smoothly and it’s safe to ride.


As part of Team Green Britain Bike Week – running from 18-26 June – Olympic track cycling gold medallist Victoria Pendleton and Peter ‘Spike’ Taylor, the former Team GB head mechanic, are offering tips to help you do just that. In the video below, the pair outline five essential checks you need to make, from tyre pressures to brake function.


Bike Week is an annual event that aims to get more people cycling, more often. It includes events such as organised charity rides, cycle skills training and bike shows. To find an event near you, visit the official website.

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