Video: Voodoo Adventure – The Smugglers’ Path

Rob Jarman thinks outside the box for his latest exploration

Rob Jarman's hunger for the extraordinary takes him to Ireland

For the third installment to the Voodoo Adventure, our resident MTB explorer Rob Jarman takes a trip over to Ireland and retraces the steps once taken by daring smugglers.


It’s all too easy to get out on your bike and have a ride, or race your mates on the Sunday thrash. But don’t forget how good the mountain bike is for getting you around and exploring this amazing world we live in.

Explorers of old relied on Himalayan Sherpas, sled dogs and mountain guides to see the world, but we can use the mountain bike to have our own adventures.

Think outside the box a little. Do some homework or ask your relatives about stories that interest them – you never know where you might come up with a great idea for some exploring.


And even if your adventure doesn’t come up with anything, you’ll be sure to have a blast out on your bike. Rob Jarman always does…

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