Video: Whyte 146 X – First ride

MBUK's Doddy slings a leg over the trail superbike

Whyte 146 X

Whyte have given their 146 trail bike an update for 2012, dealing the X version a no-holds-barred, dream bike spec that pushes its potential to the limit.


For sure, this carbon fibre 150mm travel bike, at a touch under £5,000, is expensive. But if you stripped it bare and laid all the components out, the total cost would add up close to that price, even without bringing the frame into the equation. A full first ride review of the Whyte 146 X can be found in the latest issue (274) of MBUK magazine, on sale from today (8 February). In the meantime, check out the footage from the test at the Forest of Dean below.

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