Video: Wilier TwinFoil TT bike

As used by Team Lampre ISD

The Wilier TwinFoil in Team Lampre-ISD colours

As part of our 60 Second Sells videos from the 2012 London Bike Show – where brand representatives get a non-negotiable minute to divulge everything they have on a single product – we took a look at the strange shapes of the Wilier TwinFoil TT. The bike was first seen on the pro tour last year and was used by Team Lampre-ISD during the 2011 Giro d’Italia.


Chief amongst its frame highlights are foils on the fork and head tube which are said to minimise turbulence, while huge clearances between the wheels and the fork, seat and chainstays are designed to have the same effect. It doesn’t come cheap, though; it will set you back a whopping £9,500 as built here.

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