Video: Women riders don’t all like pink!

Liam Murphy's latest edit for Skyline Cycles

Liam Murphy's latest video for Skyline Cycles is called 'Free' because it's all about setting female riders free from the pinks, purples and flowery graphics pushed on them by many bike companies. Oh, and also because you can watch it for free

When Liam Murphy decided to film the Kona Mash-Up at Afan Forest in South Wales last summer to promote local bike shop Skyline Cycles he had no idea what he was getting himself into.


Nine months and 11 episodes of his web video series later, he’s honed his skills and produced what we think is his best edit yet – a follow-up to last year’s last year’s Afan Girls clip starring Shropshire downhiller Traharn Chidley.

The clip, titled Free, poses a question asked by many female riders: “Why does everything have to be pink?” It shows Traharn smashing a pink bike before heading out on a blue Commencal Meta 6 to shred some singletrack.

Liam admits he can’t compete with other bike film-makers when it comes to massive jumps or epic locations, so instead he focuses on themes, personalities and the community aspect of mountain biking, as well as plugging some of the shop’s products – in this case Fox clothing and the Meta.


You can watch the vid below. To check out some of Liam’s other clips, visit Skyline’s Vimeo page.

Free by skyline cycles