Vintage Electric’s Scrambler is the best looking motorized bicycle we’ve ever seen

More moto than e-bike

The phrase often used to describe the utility of many e-bikes is “car replacement”. Vintage Electric’s Scrambler may not be the ideal grocery getter, but it will replace your clapped-out Honda Civic and immediately give you Steve McQueen levels of cool.


See the new Vintage Electric Bikes Scrambler in action

The Scrambler shouldn’t be described as an e-bike. It has a throttle and only has a singlespeed drivetrain. It’s a 21st century take on a moped, but a moped with an impeccable sense of style.

The Scrambler uses a 54-volt, 702 watt-hour lithium battery to power the silent direct-drive rear hub motor — so will require riders to produce their own “Braaap!” noises.

The Scrambler’s battery takes two hours to charge
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

In ‘Race’ mode the Scrambler has a top speed of around 36mph. The street-legal mode throttles things back to a max speed of 20mph and a range of 35 miles.

Component highlights include Shimano Alfine disc brakes, Schwalbe’s Black Jack tires and a dual-crown fork developed by MRP.

The suspension fork is a shortened version of the MRP Groove
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

The Scrambler may cost more than said Honda Civic, with a base price of $6,995, and goes up from there with high-end options such as an aluminum rack, leather and canvas saddlebags, a Brook’s Challenge Tool Bag and a Spurcycle bell.


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