Vision announces affordable, PEO coated alloy wheels

Nifty finish claims improved braking and reduced wear

Hiding in plain sight at the FSA booth at this year’s Cycle Show were these brand new Trimax 30 KB wheels from Vision.

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The wheels first caught our attention because the rims feature a super hard-wearing plasma electrolytic oxidation coating (PEO).

As well as looking very stealthy and cool, the PEO coating is said to improve wet weather braking and massively reduce rim wear.

It’s hard to see, but these wheels don’t have any machining on the rim surface and rely solely on the ‘roughness’ of the rim finish for braking
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

FSA claims that some of the pre-production versions of the wheels have lasted over 10,000km with no signs of wear to the rims. While this sounds impressive, we can only imagine that the rims didn’t have to stand up to everyday, wet conditions.

Mavic uses a similar PEO coating on its Exalith rims, but unlike these, Vision doesn’t use the patented ‘fish-scale’ style milling. This milling is often blamed for the noisy braking that Exalith suffers from, but is said to improve modulation and wet weather braking, so we’ll be curious to see how these rims perform.

The rear hubs have seen updates and now use angular contact bearings and a larger flange on the drive side
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

Vision has also updated the hubs it uses in its entire range of wheels with all rear hubs now using angular contact bearings to improve longevity. The drive-side flange has also been increased in size, making for a stiffer wheel.

While they may appear similar to many OEM hubs on the market, Vision was keen to point out that it designs and manufactures all of its hubs in house.

The wheels are handbuilt using Alpina spokes and are available with either a Campagnolo or Shimano freehub.

With a claimed weight of 1,495g for the pair (without skewers) and coming in at €749.00 (International pricing TBA at time of writing), these appear to be a remarkably good value for money wheelset at first glance.

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Would you like to see these on your winter trainer? Do you long for the days when Mavic and others offered ceramic coated rims? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.