Vision Metron 4D road handlebar launched – Eurobike 2013

Flattened carbon bar aligned to natural elbow and wrist angles

Vision released their first road handlebar, the Vision Metron 4D, at Eurobike 2013. It’s been designed to counteract the hunched feeling riders get from using smaller frames – a recent trend among roadies.


The Metron 4D is slightly depressed in the centre, where it’s clamped to the stem, almost like a riser bar. That gives the bar a raised profile, which is augmented with a subtle 10-degree sweep away from the rider on the horizontal axis. Davide Riva of Vision told BikeRadar that when riders hold the top of the 4D (usually on a climb), the bar is better aligned with the natural angles of the forearms.

Riva said Vision – under the same umbrella as FSA – spotted more pro riders choosing slightly smaller frames. Despite compensating with longer stems and seatposts with greater setback ranges, riders still felt hunched over their bars, particularly when climbing. Riva said the ergonomic, 245g (claimed) 4D gives a noticeable improvement in comfort compared to a straight bar.

The metron 4d bars sweep away from you and are claimed to make you feel less hunched : the metron 4d bars sweep away from you and are claimed to make you feel less hunched
Sam Dansie/Future Publishing

The Vision Metron 4D bar has a 10-degree forward sweep

“If you have to decide between a medium and a large frame you will always want to use the medium,” Riva said. “Everyone seems to be following the same choice.  All of us are on frames that are a little bit smaller for our skeleton and obviously in terms of perfect geometry this is not good.”

The compact drop carbon/kevlar bar will only be available under the Vision brand, but could be transferred to FSA components at a later date, said Riva.


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