Wahoo adds Strava Live Segments to Elemnt

Race your against your PR, or the times of your friends or the KOM/QOM

Following in the footsteps of Garmin with some of its GPS computers like the new Edge 820, Wahoo now offers Strava Live Segments on its first GPS computer, the Elemnt.


Those who purchase an Elemnt now will get a 60-day free trial of Strava Premium. Strava’s basic service is free, but the Live Segments and other features require a paid subscription.

One of the Elemnt’s main selling features is its ease of integration with smartphones. For example, setting up the screens on the Elemnt is done on an app. swiping and dragging fields around on a touchscreen. Also, completed rides automatically upload via a phone (or WiFi), and routes saved on Strava automatically populate onto the Elemnt.

Strava Live Segments is a feature that lets Strava users ‘race’ Strava segments, using their own best time or that of a friend or the King of the Mountain/Queen of the Mountain (the person with the best time on Strava). Strava segments are created by users, and whenever a Strava user uploads a ride, the site automatically shows their time for all the popular segments, and ranks numerically in relation to both other riders they follow and all the rider who have ever completed that segment.

After each completed Segment, the Elemnt shows a status page. Riders choose which Segments are activated on their Elemnt by starring them on Strava.com
Courtesy Wahoo

As on a Garmin, you engage Strava Live Segments just by staring a segment on Strava.com. Then whenever you ride near the start of one such segment, the Elemnt will prompt you with a Strava Live Segment page, which shows time, distance and the elevation profile in real time. You can also customize the page with metrics like power and heart rate.

What’s unique about Wahoo’s presentation on the Elemnt is the use of the computer’s LED lights. The top row of LEDs light up sequentially as the rider progresses through the segment, and the side row indicate they are over or under the pace to beat the KOM, their personal best or another rider. The default setting for the latter is the person just above you on Strava’s leaderboard of riders you follow. 

Another unique feature: while doing a Live Segment, the Elemnt can also be following a route, with or without turn-by-turn cues.

If the rider is close to hitting their target time (meaning within two seconds of it), the Elment pops up a ‘Final Push’ page. 


After the the segment is complete, a segment history page shows all the Strava results for that ride.

The Wahoo Elemnt syncs with Strava so riders can race their personal bests, or the best time of their friend or KOM/QOM
Courtesy Wahoo