Wahoo and Bryton add electronic drivetrain compatibility to head units

Firmware updates allow head units to connect to EPS and Di2

As wireless technology is all the rage, it’s no surprise that more and more head units are allowing further integration with your bike via firmware updates.


The latest head units to offer more integration are Wahoo and Bryton, who now include compatibility with Campy EPS and Shimano Di2 respectively. Both brands say these upgrades allow cyclists to know which gear they’re in and how many are left on the cassette without having to look down.

Bryton Rider

Bryton Rider 330 and 530 units can display current gear position, Di2 battery life and more

The latest firmware update from Bryton allows Rider 330 and 530 computers to wirelessly connect to Shimano’s Dura-Ace 9070, Ultegra 6870 Di2 and Ultegra 6770 groups.

With this update riders will be able to see gear ratios, gear combo, front gear, rear gear and Di2 battery level in addition to the data fields already on offer, and all in real time. It’s worth noting that to access this new functionality you will need Shimano’s DFly wireless transmitter, if you haven’t already got one.

The Rider 530 and 330 software update also brings a few performance improvements, including faster Bluetooth data transfer speed, something Bryton says will prove useful in a few months when the brand releases another round of updates to provide Di2 data recording. This update will offer in-depth post-ride data analysis, which users can access through the proprietary Bryton App, Di2stats.com and more.

This update will also allow users to flip through their data pages using the hidden buttons on their Di2 shifters.

Rider 530 and 330 users can update the devices’ software in two ways: Data Sync via WiFi or wired with the Bryton Update Tool on their computer.

Wahoo Elemnt

Wahoo’s Elemnt can connect to Campy EPS via ANT+ and display gear position and battery life

Around this time last year Campagnolo announced its EPS V3, which saw a new slimmer internal battery, new junction box which strapped to the stem and included multicolour status LEDs, Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity. With the wireless connectivity built in, the My Campy app was also introduced to keep track of multiple bikes and recorded the total distance, number of rides, total number of shifts executed on each bike, and even recommend when maintenance is due — provided you take the time to input all your components.

Now EPS V3 is utilising its ANT+ antenna to communicate with Wahoo’s ELEMNT GPS computer. Campy says the latest firmware update will allow cyclists to read which gear they’re in as well as see live battery information among the other data fields displayed on the head unit.


The Elemnt can already show real-time gearing information for eTap and Di2 in graphic and/or numeric form, along with battery status for both the electronic drivetrains. Di2 users can cycle through data pages using the hidden buttons on their shifters.