Wahoo announces updated KICKR smart trainer

Fitness company claims new trainer will be quietest on the market

The ever growing smart trainer category got a little more crowded today with the introduction of Wahoo’s updated KICKR smart trainer.


Wahoo claims that the improved KICKR will be the quietest direct drive trainer on the market, with a 14 percent reduction in noise levels over the previous generation.

The KICKR carries over the high-inertia freewheel of the previous model and is able to simulate up to a 20 percent gradient and produce a rather hefty 2,000 watts of resistance.

Wahoo has also updated the physics models and algorithms used within the software that control the trainer. This is said to improve how grade and elevation data is processed, creating the most realistic indoor riding experience possible.

Only the strongest of riders will be able to flex that burly steel frame

The KICKR is also unique in its use of steel for the construction of the trainer, which creates a stable and durable pedalling platform that should last the years ahead.

The KICKR trainer looks considerably more tame when compared with the rather extreme looking Tacx Magnum we featured recently, and we’re looking forward to seeing what other innovations in the trainer market come out of Eurobike this year.


The KICKR smart trainer is available to buy now from your nearest dealer with a retail price of US$1,199. UK and Australian pricing to be announced.