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Wahoo updates Elemnt Roam with dual-band GPS and 64-colour screen

Second-generation Elemnt Roam follows in the footsteps of Bolt V2 but enhances navigation

Wahoo Elemnt Roam

Wahoo has updated its Elemnt Roam bike computer with a new colour screen, improved navigation and increased memory.


The Wahoo Elemnt Roam was first launched in 2019 and borrowed many features from the original-generation Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, while improving readability, navigation and mapping.

For the new Elemnt Roam, Wahoo has taken a similar approach. The cycle computer has features first introduced with the Elemnt Bolt V2 but adds dual-band GPS for more accurate navigation.

Wahoo has updated the software to include a new climbing feature and will release further software updates in the coming months.

The Wahoo Elemnt Roam costs £349.99 / $399.99 / €399.99 / AU$599.95.

Dual-band GPS

The Wahoo Elemnt Roam now has dual-band GPS.
Felix Smith / Our Media

The Elemnt Roam uses dual-band GPS for more accurate navigation. Wahoo says this is especially useful in areas such as woods, where GPS reception can be limited.

In recent years, dual-band GPS has become more common in smartphones – where an accurate location is essential for many cycling apps – and other GPS devices, including the Garmin Fenix 7 smartwatch and Garmin 1040 Solar bike computer.

The technology enables GPS receivers to track more than one signal from satellites on different frequencies and consequently filter out any inaccurate signals bouncing off objects in the surrounding environment.

Megan Powers, cycling product manager at Wahoo, says this is beneficial in forests and built-up environments, where tall, glass buildings cause particular problems for positioning.

According to Garmin, dual-band GPS provides accuracy within roughly +/- 2 metres or 6 feet, but GPS devices without the technology have +/- 3 metres or 10 feet accuracy.

Powers says the Elemnt Roam is the cheapest bike computer available with dual-band GPS, which may complicate the decision of whether you should choose a Wahoo or Garmin bike computer.

Colour screen

The Wahoo Elemnt Roam now has a 64-colour screen, but that doesn’t mean you’re bombarded with colour.
Felix Smith / Our Media

The original Elemnt Roam was the first Wahoo computer to have a colour screen, displaying up to eight colours.

The Elemnt Bolt V2 saw the brand introduce a new 64-colour screen and the new Elemnt Roam has a screen with the same number of colours.

The claims Wahoo makes for the screen echo what we heard with the launch of the latest Bolt: the colour screen can provide you with at-a-glance insight into performance and improves mapping.

As with the Elemnt Bolt, Powers says the screen uses “colour intuitively”. It’s not about bombarding you with a kaleidoscopic display, but instead using colour sparingly to highlight key information such as training zones.

The screen on the Elemnt Roam is 2.7in / 6.8cm, compared to the Elemnt Bolt’s 2.2in / 5.6cm screen.

Improved map management

The increased memory eases map management, according to Wahoo’s Megan Powers.

Wahoo has upped the Elemnt Roam’s memory from 4GB to 32GB, which is double the amount of memory available with the Elemnt Bolt V2.

Powers says one of the main advantages of this increase in memory is it means there’s virtually no need for map management.

While a smaller memory will mean some users may find they have to remove maps from the device, the larger memory enables you to upload maps and not worry about freeing up space in the future.

The increased memory has further advantages, too, according to Wahoo. It enables you to fit more saved routes and structured workouts.

Ease of use

The Wahoo Elemnt Roam now has a USB-C charging port.
Felix Smith / Our Media

The Elemnt Roam’s increase in memory is one of several ways Wahoo has looked to make the computer easier to use.

Following the Elemnt Bolt V2, the new Elemnt Roam has switched from a micro-USB to a USB-C charging port.

The computer now features convex rather than concave buttons for easier use with long-finger cycling gloves and to avoid sweat or rain pooling on the computer while you ride.

Wahoo has updated the buttons to be convex rather than concave.
Felix Smith / Our Media

The claimed battery life of the Elemnt Roam remains the same as its predecessor at 17 hours. Powers says that while this figure is the same as the previous-generation Elemnt Roam, it’s still an improvement when you take the screen and other upgraded features into account.

The brand has retained other features to keep the new Elemnt Roam familiar for current Wahoo users. It has the same integrated out-front mount and ‘quick look LEDs’ on its edges, which can be customised to provide visual cues for performance metrics or navigation.

Training and software updates

The computer can be used in tandem with a Wahoo smartwatch.

Wahoo has introduced new training and software features to the Elemnt Roam.

Continuing the brand’s emphasis on its ‘connected ecosystem’, Wahoo says riders can sync workouts on the Elemnt Roam with their Wahoo X subscription. Riders can also access outdoor structured workouts, as well as a complete indoor and outdoor workout log in the Wahoo SYSTM app.

The Elemnt Roam can control Wahoo Kickr smart trainers and the Wahoo Kickr Bike.

Of particular interest to triathletes, the computer will support Wahoo’s ‘multisport handover’, enabling you to record one activity across the different legs of a triathlon via the computer and the Wahoo Elemnt Rival smartwatch.

Wahoo is updating its climbing feature, too. The brand says the new Summit Segment feature will automatically detect climbs on a pre-loaded route.

Wahoo says the bike computer will integrate with the Supersapiens glucose sensor system “allowing riders to consistently keep an eye on their glucose data mid-ride, without the need for a phone”. Powers says this feature won’t be available immediately, but will be soon.

Another feature we can expect to see, according to Powers, is public route sharing, which will enable you to broadcast routes to other Wahoo users via the brand’s companion mobile app, saving pre-ride fiddling with route apps and files. This is expected to be available from mid-to-late October.


Wahoo Elemnt Roam spec and prices

  • Weight: 3.3oz / 93g
  • Dimensions: 59.5×90.5×20.5mm
  • Display: 2.7in / 6.8cm
  • Battery life: 17 hours (claimed)
  • Waterproof rating: IPX7
  • Price: £349.99 / $399.99 / €399.99 / AU$599.95