Wahoo RFLKT+ connects ANT+ devices with iPhone

Handlebar-mounted computer 'reflects' iPhone cycling apps

Wahoo Fitness just started shipping the RFLKT+, a handlebar-mounted computer that ‘reflects’ the functionality of iPhone cycling apps with the added ability to pick up ANT+ signals from things like heart rate straps or power meters. It also has a barometric altimeter.


Wahoo Fitness generated funding and interest for the product on Kickstarter. The computer is an evolution of the RFLKT, which takes the functionality of iPhone cycling apps like Strava and displays the data on the computer screen while the iPhone stays in a rider’s jersey pocket.

What’s new about the RFLKT+ is that is works on ANT+ and Bluetooth frequencies — ANT+ for cycling devices and Bluetooth for the iPhone — with the device serving as a bridge between the two. Tech company 4iiii has a dual-frequency heart rate strap called Viiiiva that works similarly as a bridge.

In addition to plenty of data from apps like MapMyFitness, Strava or other apps — such as GPS, elevation, speed, cadence, heart rate, power, etc. — the RFLKT+ can also control an iPhone’s music library.

The rflkt+ from wahoo fitness displays the data from cycilng apps on the handlebar, while the iphone stays in a jersey pocket: the rflkt+ from wahoo fitness displays the data from cycilng apps on the handlebar, while the iphone stays in a jersey pocket

The RFLKT+ pairs ANT+ devices with an iPhone, and displays data from cycling apps on the screen

The screen display can be customized to a rider’s preference for which and how many data points on up to eight screens.

Wahoo claims battery life of a full year for the RFLKT+, as the iPhone is doing the heavy lifting.

“There is a missing link bridging the gap from highly adopted ANT+ bike sensors and the ever-changing app/smartphone world,” Wahoo CEO Chip Hawkins said. “Many of the cyclists out there are carrying their iPhone while using apps to track their rides, but they’re also still carrying a designated bike computer because it has historically connected to their ANT+ sensors. The RFLKT+ changes that and puts all your data into one convenient place.”

And sorry, Android users, but right now the RFLKT+ will only work with the Apple iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, and 4S.


Wahoo is selling the RFLKT+ on WahooFitness.com for $149 (£92).