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The fifth and final episode in our training series dissects five common training myths

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Our latest podcast series has come to an end, with the final episode uncovering five common training myths.

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Over the past month, we’ve teamed up with Wahoo Fitness for a five-part series to help you maximise your winter training – and, in turn, hit your riding goals for 2024.

Through the series, we’ve covered everything from a training jargon buster through to deep dives on fitness testing, training zones and how to get the most out of your time in the saddle.

You can find all five episodes below.

Episode five – 5 common training myths busted

George Scott and Mac Cassin are back for the fifth and final episode in our training series with Wahoo Fitness.

This time out, Mac, Wahoo’s principal sports scientist, talks BikeRadar’s editor-in-chief, George, through five common training myths.

  1. 90rpm is the best cadence for everyone
  2. A change in body weight of 2% from dehydration negatively impacts performance
  3. A lighter bike (or rider) is the best way to ride faster
  4. Lactic acid is the reason for all of your pain during and after a hard workout
  5. Once you hit 30/40/50/60, you will only get slower

Episode four – Base training vs intervals, what’s more effective?

We’re back for the penultimate episode of our training series with Wahoo.

This time, George Scott is joined by Matt Cassin, Wahoo’s principal sports scientist, and gravel racer Ian Boswell, who is also Wahoo’s athlete liaison.

Boswell spent seven seasons riding with Team Sky and Katusha, before retiring from the road and turning his attention to gravel.

Now, he’s one of the biggest hitters on the burgeoning gravel scene, winning the prestigious Unbound 200 in 2021.

In this episode, and with winter fast approaching in the northern hemisphere, we go deep on base training and discuss whether high-intensity training – rather than long steady rides – might be the answer for a lot of riders.

Check out our guide to interval training for cyclists for more info.

Episode three – Understanding training zones

Understanding your training zones is key if you want to make the most out of your time on the bike.

BikeRadar’s George Scott sits down with Mac Cassin, Wahoo’s principal sports scientist, and Nate Wilson, a performance manager for Team EF Education–EasyPost, to find out why training zones are important.

Mac and Nate reveal how power and heart-rate zones can be used by amateurs and pros alike to train more effectively.

You can also head to our explainer on training zones to find out more.

Episode two – Fitness testing explained

We’re back for episode two of our training series with Wahoo Fitness. In this episode, Wahoo’s principal sports scientist, Mac Cassin, talks BikeRadar’s George Scott through fitness testing.

What is a fitness test, why should you do one and what options are out there?

While Functional Threshold Power may often be the go-to test, Mac also explains why FTP isn’t always the answer.

If you’ve got a question for Mac for a future episode, email us at

Episode one – Training jargon buster

For the first episode, BikeRadar’s editor-in-chief, George Scott, is joined by Wahoo’s lead sports scientist, Mac Cassin, for a training jargon buster.

George quizzes Mac on 10 key training terms, covering structured training, power, heart rate, energy systems, VO2 max, periodisation and more.

What else have we got in store? Expect episodes going deeper on FTP and training zones, as well as the latest thinking on base training vs internals, and common training mistakes to avoid.

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