Wahoo X announces first virtual gravel route, outdoor workouts and voice chat

Wahoo RGT’s new Dunoon Crossover virtual gravel road is here

Wahoo RGT Real Road - Dunoon

Wahoo has announced a host of updates to its Wahoo X subscription service. They include a new virtual gravel road and voice chat for Wahoo RGT, plus new structured training plans and workouts for Wahoo SYSTM.


On top of this, Wahoo says it has added new integration features for owners of Wahoo Elemnt bike computers, such as the Elemnt Bolt V2 and Elemnt Roam.

This will enable riders to sync workouts with their bike computers for completion outside.

Dunoon Crossover

Like the rest of Wahoo RGT’s Real Roads, Dunoon Crossover is based on a real-life location.

Marking the first foray into virtual gravel riding and mountain biking, Dunoon Crossover is the latest Real Road to be added to Wahoo RGT, Wahoo’s virtual indoor cycling app.

Based on a real-world riding spot in Dunoon, Scotland, this new route brings singletrack off-road sections and resistance changes (which you’ll feel at your smart trainer) based on the varying ride surfaces.

Wahoo says riders will now need to pay attention to the virtual road surface when looking to make attacks or overtakes during rides.

Wahoo RGT voice chat

A new voice chat feature means you’ll now be able to chat about the weather with your virtual riding buddies in Wahoo RGT.

Wahoo has also announced voice chat has come to the Wahoo RGT app, giving in-game riders the option to chat to each other mid-ride.

As Wahoo points out, this feature has multiple potential uses, from simple social chat between riders in a group through to a kind of ‘race radio’ in virtual races.

It’s a feature that’s conspicuously missing from Zwift, one of Wahoo RGT’s key rivals, where it’s only possible to communicate with other in-game riders via written messages.

After all, being able to make small talk, or excuses for poor performance, with your fellow riders is vital to making any group ride or race feel realistic.

Wahoo SYSTM updates and Elemnt integration

Workouts from Wahoo SYSTM can now be synced with Wahoo Elemnt bike computers.

For those who want to combine their indoor training with outside work, Wahoo says subscribers will now be able to sync structured workouts from Wahoo SYSTM with Wahoo Elemnt bike computers.

These workouts can then be performed outdoors, and the results synced with Wahoo SYSTM when completed.


Wahoo also says it is continuing to expand SYSTM’s library of workouts and videos, with the release of On Location Portugal, a new series of workout videos based (as the name suggests) in Portugal and presented by Mike Cotty, founder of Col Collective.