Waitrose launches free bike trailers

Supermarket encourages customers to ride to stores

During January and February, 21 Waitrose stores across the UK are introducing cycle trailers to help customers to transport their shopping home by bike.


Equipped with large canvas shopping bags, the trailers will be loaned out for a day free of charge to any Waitrose customers who wish to use them.

The supermarket hopes the scheme will encourage its customers to cycle to its stores rather than travelling by car.

“January is the time that many people are setting themselves targets for the New Year such as getting fit through doing more exercise,” said Waitrose assistant project manager, Nicky Snelgrove.

“Our cycle trailers are an excellent way of helping our customers stay healthy and has the additional bonus of being able to play a positive role in the environment in 2009,” she added.

When a customer registers for the scheme at a shop’s welcome desk, a special bracket will be attached beneath their bicycle saddle to enable them to clip the trailer onto their bike.


Shoppers can reserve their trailer before they start shopping and collect it as they leave the store.