Want a cycle computer? The Garmin Edge 1000 demands to be looked at – sponsored post

Latest Garmin offers advanced navigation and training functions

The Garmin Edge 1000

If you’re looking to step up your training by buying a cycling computer, then the Garmin Edge 1000 certainly needs consideration. It will help you reach your goals via the most advanced training and navigation options.


In particular, its segment capabilities, including the ability to view start and finish point alerts, race against your previous times via a Virtual Partner or the segment leader for leaderboard racing, and plan rides using segments, are highlights of the latest edition to Garmin’s range. Garmin Connect offers brilliant ways to compete and challenge others or yourself.

Preloaded maps and points of interest, including parks and trails, ensure that you won’t get lost as you’re cycling around the countryside while using its advanced navigation functions. Meanwhile, its round-trip routing capabilities mean that you can enter how far you want to ride, and the Edge 1000 will offer you up to three cycle-friendly routes, with elevation profiles and more to help you make your decision on where to go.

Incoming calls and texts are dealt with by the Edge 1000 too, while those of you on longer events can make use of the LiveTrack functionality that enables friends and family to follow your progress online. You can also share your rides online with Garmin Connect, while Smart wireless and WiFi enable you to upload or download (software updates, for example) easily.

A 3in high-res colour touchscreen display will keep you in control while an ambient light takes care of dark lighting, either at night or for going through tunnels and the like. The customisable display helps you keep track of your performance, your activity profiles and route preferences, and covers different types of riding, such as road, mountain or touring.


The Garmin Edge 1000 is available from Halfords.com priced at £439.99 as part of a special web-only offer, although an order and collect service is available.