Watch 360-degree video on MTB World Cup track

Control the video player view as you watch

With GoPro and other on-board video cameras seemingly ubiquitous these days, Making View has upped the ante with a 360-degree camera and viewer-controlled player.

Making View CEO Are Vindfallet told BikeRadar that, at the moment, the ViewCam unit is for the professional market only.

“Making View is delivering a full service including planning, shooting and post production,” Vindfallet said. “There could be a consumer model in the future, but nothing is planned yet.”

The Norwegian company Making View’s 600g video system is remote controlled and they claim it can be mounted on almost anything. In this video below, the camera is strapped to Brendan Fairclough’s helmet as he bombs down the Hafjell World Cup track with his teammates Floriane Pugin and Noel Niederberger.

You can control the perspective of the video with the arrow cursor keys or by clicking and dragging with your mouse or trackpad.

The video is played on Making View’s Flash/HTML5 MakingViewer player, which works for standard and 360-degree video as well as panoramic pictures.

This video was made in partnership with Red Bull.

Making View began in 2005 in a garage as a company called Vision. After a few acquisitions, Making View AS was founded in 2010, and the ViewCam 360 video system and MakingViewer viewer were developed in 2011.