Watch Eric Barone hit 141mph in this incredibly sketchy top speed run

Frenchman tops his own speed record

The record tops Barone’s previous effort from 2015, which saw him reach 223,3 Km/h (138.75 mph) on the same ski track.


Once a stunt double for actors such as Sylvester Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme, Barone has always held a fascination with speed and has been setting bicycle speed records since the early nineties.

Barone also holds the record for the fastest speed achieved travelling downhill on a volcano with a prototype bicycle.


Set back in 2002, Barone was clocked at 172 kilometres per hour (107 mph) while descending the Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua. Moments later, Barone’s fork broke away from the frame of his bike causing a shocking crash that you really, really shouldn’t watch if you’re at all squeamish.