Water bike blends bicycle with pontoon boat

Schiller Sports launches X1 with claimed speeds of 10mph / 16kph

Company founder Judah Schiller on his X1

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Walking on water will never happen for most of us, but riding on water is now a possibility. The new Schiller Sports X1 is a pedal-powered boat with two pontoons where the rider sits, pedals and steers similarly to riding a bike on land.

The X1 is steered with two props connected to the handlebars. The X1 weighs about 45 pounds (20.4kg), and can be broken down to fit into the back of a vehicle, the company claims.

Singlespeed and internal-hub aficionados can appreciate the Gates belt drive, which makes perfect sense for, well, cycling in water.

Similarly, the frame is made of rust-free anodized aluminum, with stainless steel components. The pontoons are inflatable. 

“If you can ride a bike, you can ride the Schiller X1 anywhere there’s water,” company founder and CEO Judah Schiller told USA Today. “I had the X1 out at the beach locally, about a mile offshore, and ended up biking with dolphins.”

Schiller said the X1 can go as fast as 8 knots (10mph / 16kph).

BikeRadar asked Schiller who would buy such a machine, with the retail price at US$6,495. “Given that the planet is two-thirds water, the potential market for Schiller Bikes is quite large,” he said. “Since launching in August, our customers are cyclists and water sports enthusiasts who are keen to have a fun, adventurous, low-impact bike ride across the water.”

Schiller sports water bike