Water.org partner with CamelBak

Limited edition holiday bottles to benefit those without safe water

CamelBak and Water.org are teaming for a second consecutive year to share a simple and powerful way to help some of the 884 million people who lack access to safe drinking water. Camelbak will offer a limited edition Groove reusable water bottle through the holiday season, with $10 from each bottle donated to support Water.org’s mission.


Water.org was co-founded by Matt Damon and social entrepreneur Gary White. The 21-year-old nonprofit organization has helped hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia and Central America by providing access to clean water and sanitation.

Water.org was co-founded by matt damon (pictured) and social entrepreneur gary white: water.org was co-founded by matt damon (pictured) and social entrepreneur gary white
Damon with CamelBak’s insulated stainless steel Groove bottle

Building on last year’s partnership, which helped more than 10,000 people gain access to safe water, Water.org and CamelBak have created a custom design for the CamelBak Groove reusable bottle—with integrated filter—that turns tap water into freshly filtered water. The benefit bottle is available in BPA-free Tritan plastic for $25 or insulated stainless steel for $35; the benefit prices are the same as the standard graphic bottles.

The bottles are available online at Water.org or through Amazon. “Matt and I founded Water.org to make a difference and end the suffering around the world from not having safe water,” said Water.org co-founder and executive director Gary White via press release. “We chose the CamelBak Groove bottle because of its unique design, the company’s continued commitment to innovation and their generous support of the safe water cause.”

The groove comes with a filter integrated into its straw: the groove comes with a filter integrated into its straw
Matt Pacocha

The Groove has a filter integrated to its straw


Expanding on last year’s Water.org “Bottle Project,” CamelBak have added a Facebook Give Bak “like” campaign with the goal of helping an additional 2,000 people receive safe water for life. “Our relationship with Water.org was cultivated in an effort to help people with limited or no access to safe drinking water stay healthy and hydrated,” said Sally McCoy, CEO of CamelBak. “With the right funding and resources, we have the ability to significantly minimize the fresh water crisis that is affecting far too many people. CamelBak are committed to help in any way it can.”