We have a winning T-shirt design

'Keep calm, I stole your KOM'

Watch out, there's a Strava hunter about

Our judges have picked a winner for the recent BikeRadar T-shirt design competition, and it’s one for all the Strava hunters out there.


After whittling down the scores of entries by BikeRadar readers, our judges picked a design by Jason Ottinger, a 37-year-old graphic designer from Atlanta who loves to spend his free time riding the roads and trails of North Georgia.

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“I made this design for all the Strava hunters out there,” he told BikeRadar. “We’ve all lost our best segments, and once the panic wears off, get out there, have fun, and be safe stealing them back!” You can check out his personal website at visualcraftsman.com.

Jason wins a £100 voucher to spend at BikeRadar’s online T-shirt store, and also gets his own design printed. The BikeRadar store is packed with adults’ and kids’ tees along with hoodies and even mugs – all printed with cycling-centric slogans and designs to help you show off your love for all things two-wheeled, wherever you go.


Congrats to Jason! Head on over to the BikeRadar store to buy his winning entry, and warn riders everywhere that you’re a Strava hunter.

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