We love this SDG components upgrade kit for young rippers

Handlebars, saddle and more designed just for kids

Mountain bike component manufacturer SDG has a cool new upgrade kit that’s colour-coordinated and could be the perfect Christmas present for young riders.


The JR PRO KIT boxed-set comprises saddle, handlebar, grips and pedals, which are made, says SDG, to a similar standard as its main product lines.

The kit is designed for young riders on 18in- to 24in-wheeled bikes. There are four colour ways on offer: Black, Neon Pink, Neon Green and Cyan Blue.

The SDG Jr PRO KIT has handlebars, saddle, pedals and grips

SDG Fly Jr saddle

SDG is known for its saddles, having been in the business of producing them for over 20 years. It’s taken that expertise and applied it to developing a saddle specifically for younger, smaller, lighter riders. 

The Fly Jr saddle is constructed from synthetic leather with tough cordura sides for wear resistance. It’s shorter and narrower and has been ergonomically designed to fit smaller sit bones, according to SDG.

It’s also got a slight rise at the rear to help get the pelvis in a comfortable position, and to push against when powering off from a standing start. There’s also a small nose platform for climbing.

SDG Slater 90 pedals

These nylon composite pedals have a low profile design of 18mm and a 90x90mm platform for smaller feet. The pedals include six replaceable 2mm steel pins per side for grip.

A cro-mo axle with fully sealed bushing is designed to last a lot longer than many of the cheaper, plastic kids’ pedals on the market, and is also serviceable to keep it running. You’ll also be able to purchase additional parts and pins.

SDG Slater 650 handlebar

The cockpit has had some consideration put into it too. The Slater 650 handlebar is, unsurprisingly, 650mm wide and constructed from 6061 aluminium.

While the mount is 31.8mm, the bars taper to 19mm rather than the standard 22.2mm to suit smaller hands and fit the thinner Slater JR grips.

The bars are also supplied with four 15mm nylon shims, which will allow standard brakes and shifters to be mounted.

Slater Jr grips

To finish the whole set off it comes with colour-matched grips designed specifically for smaller hands. In addition to fitting on the thinner 19mm diameter handlebars, the grips also have a dual-density design that offers vibration damping and have a lock-on system.

As ridden by Ayla Zink, pro-freerider Cam Zink’s daughter

SDG Jr PRO Kit price and availability

The SDG Jr PRO Kit is available now for £129.95 / $149.99 via SDG or Silverfish in the UK.


From late January 2019, SDG will also retail the individual parts separately.