We normally hate promo vids but you have to watch this

Self-deprecating Specialized Stumpjumper edit raises the bar

This is an article about an advertising video. We’re not being paid to run this. In fact, by running this, BikeRadar is totally playing into the hands of Specialized’s marketing team. You got us, folks.

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The thing is, it’s quite rare to watch an ad for a new bike and see something genuinely original and entertaining. When that happens, we think it’s worth pointing out.

Most new bikes launch in a flurry of slow-mo, awful music, questionable data points and lashings of roost. This has all that and more, but it’s delivered with exactly the right amount of self-deprecation — something big brands like Specialized usually fail at, badly.

Take three minutes and 48 seconds to watch this, you won’t be sorry.

Advertisement MPU article

And then go read our Jack’s overview of the new Stumpjumper, his first ride review of the S-Works long travel 29er model and his piece comparing the standard and EVO versions of the bike

Whether or not you’re in the market for a trail bike, this is an enjoyable watch