Wheels Manufacturing introduces PressFit 30 bottom brackets

Available in three versions to suit different needs and budgets

Wheels Manufacturing PressFit 30 bottom brackets use an aluminum shell and are available with standard, angular or ceramic bearings

Wheels Manufacturing is introducing three new PressFit 30 bottom brackets available with standard sealed bearings, angular contact bearings or ceramic bearings.


All three versions spin on bearings supplied by Enduro, which are housed in a machined aluminum shell, as opposed to the nylon shells commonly used to house bearings on PressFit 30 bottom brackets. There’s also polyurethane ring on the outside of the bottom bracket shell, which the company claims will eliminate any creaking.

Here’s breakdown of the three models

·      Standard sealed bearings (most economical): ABEC 3 bearings, US$49

·      Angular contact bearings (most durable): ABEC 5 angular contact bearings, US$69

·      Ceramic model (least resistance): ABEC 5 ceramic hybrid bearings, US$110

Note: Higher ABEC numbers denote bearings machined to higher levels of precision

All three models have an adjustable sleeve that can fit PressFit 30 compatible frames (46mm inner diameter shell) with bottom bracket shell widths ranging from 61mm to 86.5mm.

Wheels Manufacturing also makes adapters, should you want to run cranks with 24mm crank spindles, as opposed to those with 30mm spindles.

All these numbers making your head spin? Read our primer on bottom brackets here.


We’re interested to see how they stand up to real world conditions, as one of the claims for using nylon bearing shells for PressFit 30 bottom brackets is the material’s ability to compensate for small differences in the dimensional tolerances of press fit bottom bracket shells.