Wide, aero and carbon, Boyd’s new 36 Road Disc wheels

Claimed to be an upgrade for any disc-brake road bike

Splitting the difference between deep aero and climbing-friendly shallow wheels, Boyd Cycling has introduced its carbon 36 Road Disc wheels. With a 22mm wide internal rim width, the new wheels aim to make the most of 25–30mm-wide road tires. 


Boyd 36 Road Disc specs

  • 36mm tall carbon rims
  • Tubeless compatible
  • 22mm internal / 29mm external width
  • Sapim CX Ray bladed spokes, 24f / 28r, brass nipples 
  • Centerlock disc attachment
  • 1,570g claimed weight
  • Front / rear price: £555 / £627;  $775 / $875; AU$1,019 / AU$1,150
The rims are hooked for use with high-pressure road tires
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

Wider is better

While wide rims have been adopted almost universally among the mountain bike side of cycling, the more traditional road side is now starting to acknowledge the benefits. And what are those? 

The internal rim width sits at 22mm, the external width is 29mm
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

Wider rims allow lower tire pressures, which in return, provide a softer tire for more comfort and increased traction for improved cornering. 

Contrary to common perception, a wider, lower pressure tire also rolls more efficiently because there’s less deflection of the tires off of imperfect roads. 

Aerodynamics can be improved as well. With the right width of tire, the leading edge where the bike first breaks the wind can be streamlined with a near continuous shape from the tire sidewall down past the rim bead and spoke bed. 

And finally, wider rims enable wider tires to add a bit of all-road capability. 

Offset and aerodynamic

The 36 Road Disc rims are offset at the spoke holes. The asymmetrical design helps balance spoke tension as the rim has to be centered for the cassette in the rear and the disc rotor on the front. 

Boyd claims the improved spoke balance deals better with high-torque sprints. 

The rim depth of 36mm is said to add aerodynamics as well as balance side-to-side spoke tensions.

Two hub options, one disc brake option

Boyd’s carbon 36 Road Disc wheels are 36mm tall, 22mm wide and disc-brake only
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

Boyd’s 36 Road Disc wheels are available with either Boyd-branded Quest hubs or White Industries CLD hubs. Upgrading to White Industries in the middle adds an additional £293 / $350 / AU$460 to the price.

With either hub choice, the disc brake rotor attachment is Centerlock. Centerlock is a smart choice as it’s the fastest and easiest way to secure a rotor and is easily compatible with both six-bolt and CL rotors. 


Boyd 36 Road Disc availability

Boyd projects the 36 Road Disc wheels to be available by the end of May. For more information or to order check out Boyd’s site